Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ODP2 The Report - Malaga Tapas

by Bex

The ODP2 fun started on Friday, after some last minute decorating with Roz, we collected Rach from the airport and had a few bits n bobs to collect and finish off before everyone else arrived.  After making the worms, brain, glitter skulls and carving a couple more pumpkins we were ready to rock and as more people started arriving we opened the bubbles!

Our Friday night crew consisted of me, Roz, Rach, Lara, Bella, Mahj, Linsey, Diana and Kirsty.

We were very excited when actual Curry Dave turned up to deliver some of his fresh pizzas himself for our party on Saturday night!  He stayed for a quick photo and we stashed all 14 of his yummy pizzas (which you'll hear more about soon!) and the fresh coriander he brought us in the fridge.

I strained my homemade liqueur and we tried it with some Prosecco, it seemed to go down well and most people liked it but it didn't turn out quite like I hoped, I think next time I might use a different alcohol other than vodka.

We soon had to head out for dinner and made our way to Malaga Tapas.  There seemed to have been a mix up with our booking but they apologised and dealt with it very well, we were soon seated and brought our jugs of sangria.  We had been given a great deal of starters, sangria and 3 tapas each for £16.95 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food.  

Ooops - someone (not me!) managed to smoulder the edge of a menu!

We enjoyed everything and it was so filling, we struggled to finish everything!  Below is a selection of what we ordered between us...

The mushrooms were delicious!

And this potato gratin was AMAZING!

In fact it was finger licking good!

A couple of people couldn't make it and one person didn't turn up so when Nik called on his way home from late shift, he decided to come down to join in!  After we'd eaten, some unexpected entertainment appeared in the form of a flamenco style singer.

We had a brilliant night, the atmosphere was buzzing in the small but very busy restaurant, the service was fantastic and very friendly despite our last minute changes and them having to squeeze us in after the mix up with the booking.  The food (and sangria), as usual, was excellent, so tasty and authentic!

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Briony said...

I thought the Flamenco singer was you Bex, she looks a lot like you if you're scrolling down haha!

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

I was just about to say the same thing as Briony - scanning through photos quickly at work and I thought you'd got dressed up!

Bex said...

Haha! Image if I'd gone to the loo and came back like this and burst into song! Hilarious!

Vonnie said...

I agree with Briony and Gwen!

I'm so sorry I didn't make the Tapas restaurant, but I'm glad Nik was able to come along. It turned into an absolutely insane weekend for me - I'll fill you in later.

You are an organisational Goddess, this all looks absolutely amazing.

Unknown said...

It all looks so yum!

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