Saturday, 9 November 2013

ODP2 The Report - Sunday Brunch

by Bex

What do you need after a weekend partying with friends?  A good Sunday brunch!

Butchershop Bar & Grill was the perfect venue for our post Halloween recovery.  They even opened early for us (and then some of us were 20 mins late, oops!!  Totally my fault and I felt awful but they were so lovely when I apologised when we arrived!).   Anyway, we soon settled down to some big pints of coke and coffees while we perused the menus.  :)

Love the decor!  We even had the place to ourselves for a bit :)

The Sunday Roast Menu is great value at £13.95 or 2 courses for £17.50 with some seriously tempting starters.  We were all desperate to get to the main courses though and decided to skip appetizers.  There was a choice of the Sunday roast, a burger, a full Scottish breakfast or TafelSpitz (roast tip of sirloin).  Quite a few people went for the burgers and some of us chose the Tafelspitz (£35 for 2), I shared with Mahj!  When we realised that Mac & Cheese could be a side order, I think pretty much everyone ordered it!

Steff's burger - she managed admirably (see below!)

A pretty epic slab of juicy meat between 2!  :)

Our roast was cooked perfectly and SO tasty!

It came with yummy, crispy jacket roasties, a huge Yorkshire pud, sprouts with pancetta, parsnips, carrots and a rich gravy.  

We also had to order the BLUE CHEESE BUTTER that Mahj & Bella heard about from D and had been saying in their Scottish accents all weekend!  It didn't disappoint - utterly indulgent :)

Sadly people had to start departing so we got all wrapped up again and said some goodbyes outside.

Then it was time to go :(  

Check out that sulky face!

 Hugs all round!

 No time to focus on the impending Bella!

It was a truly fantastic weekend, I cannot wait for the next one!  Who's hosting next??  Don't forget to keep next Halloween free for ODP3!  ;)

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