Friday, 8 November 2013

ODP2 The Report - Food & Drink

by Bex

You can read more about the food here, I had lots of ideas from Pinterest and loved making everything, even if it did get a bit stressful on the day trying to get everything finished!  I think it all turned out pretty well, especially the brains and epidermis!

Stomach vodka jelly made with leftover mixture from the worms!

Blancmange brain with raspberry coulis (both made by Rach) and gin jelly zombie brain!

Like bubble tea but cocktails!

Rebecca eyeing up the frog and toad spawn cocktails!

 I made an ice hand for the punch and we had glow stick straws! :)

Vampire blood shots (made with cherry cider, kirsch and peach schnapps) and 
Intoxicated worms (vodka jelly worms)

Awesome green ombre cake made by Linsey!

Fab meringues made by D!
Curry Dave's pizzas kept disappearing too fast for photos!
Managed to get a shot of this one!  Yum!


Unknown said...

It ALL looks so good and everyone looks fantastic too!

Unknown said...

ooh - where did you get the skull shot glasses please? I REALLY love skulls!

Bex said...

They're from Asda Siobhan! They're just plastic and were £1 for 4!

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