Thursday, 14 November 2013

Curry Dave's Indian Pizzas

by Bex

We were very lucky to have some delicious pizzas donated to us for our Halloween ODP2 party.  Curry Dave (otherwise known as Dave Gannon) is a fellow Glasgow dweller and has just launched his flatbread pizzas after coming up with them way back in 2001 (read the story here).  We think they're a fab idea - 2 of my favourite foods combined can't be bad - Indian and pizza, yum!

Nik was a bit more skeptical about the combination of cheese and Indian flavours but after trying the samples we received at Roz's house (we had a wee pizza party with our hubbies one evening) he was converted and admitted he loves them too!  We tried all 4 flavours - Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Madras and Spinach & Sweet Potato.  I have to admit I'm not really a fan of the last one but then I don't really like any vegetarian pizza.  The Madras was a little too spicy for me but the guys loved it!  Roz and I both liked the Korma and Tikka best and couldn't choose between them.

We received a whole bunch more for our big party and they were delivered fresh the day before by none other than Curry Dave himself!  Of course we accosted him for a photo in the kitchen!

The pizzas went down a storm, everyone was very impressed.  I wasn't even quick enough to get good photos on the evening before they all disappeared but luckily there were a couple left over (including one of my favourites) so I had one for lunch on my day off the following week.

I love the packaging (and not just because this one's olive green!) and the wee Curry Dave logo.

Dave had also brought us along some fresh coriander for us to put on before putting them in the oven - they didn't come with any on due to best before dates.  We completely forgot at the party - I blame the poison punch! - but I tried it on my Korma pizza and it was even better.  They also taste great with sour cream & chive dip for the crusts (or just dolloped on top)!  ;)

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