Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chobani - Recipes and Corinthian Dinner

by Bex

A couple of weeks ago Roz and I were invited along by Chobani to have dinner at The Corinthian.  If you haven't heard of it (I hadn't), Chobani is an American yoghurt brand which specialises in low or zero fat greek style yoghurt.  Our dinner at Corinthian was made using Chobani yoghurt in each of the 3 courses and even in the cocktails!

 The lovely Amy telling us a bit about the company.  

The menu sounded delicious, I opted for the Chobani Risotto with sun-blushed tomatoes, spring onions, broad beans & Parmesan followed by the Rack of Lamb with Chobani dauphinoise potatoes, baby vegetables & Chobani mint sauce and then the Chobani Caramel Creme Brulee with shortbread.

Everything was amazing!  I particularly loved the dauphinoise potatoes and being made with Chobani instead of cream means it's not as naughty as usual either, the same with the creme brulee!  I was surprised that the cocktail made with yoghurt was also very tasty, not something I would think of but it worked, nice and fruity how I like my cocktails!  It was lovely catching up with lots of other Glasgow bloggers too.

At the end of the night we each received a goody bag to take home with some flavoured Chobani yoghurt to try and a few recipes.

I loved the passionfruit flavour and saved the cherry one for Nik as it's his favourite.

A couple of weeks later I received a huge parcel full of more yoghurt to try!  I still haven't tasted all the flavours but Nik liked the plain yoghurt with his curry the other day and I used the rest of it in one of the recipes (see below).  I really want to try the blueberry and pomegranate flavours as they are the kind I would usually buy (along with the passionfruit) but we still haven't found it in any of our local supermarkets!

The first recipe I decided to make was the guacamole as I had a few avocados left over after ODP which were starting to get over ripe!

It was really easy to make, just scoop the flesh of 2 avocados into a bowl, mash them up with a fork, add 225g Chobani plain yoghurt, 1 chopped jalapeno chilli (I didn't have one so added a red chilli), 1 minced clove of garlic, the juice of 1/2 a lime (I used lemon as I had no limes) 1/2 tsp salt (add more to taste) and 2 tbsp of chopped coriander and mix.

We were both really impressed with the result, it was tasty, tangy and creamy.  We decided to make fajitas that night to really enjoy it properly.  Much nicer than shop bought guacamole and creamy enough we felt we didn't need our usual addition of sour cream so again much healthier than usual!

I'll be sharing the other recipe I made this afternoon!  Come back at 1pm to see what I made for baking club ;)

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