Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Summary

by Bex

I'm currently on the train home from Durham and catching up on some writing.  It's been a busy old time lately and I'm hardly keeping on top of things blog-wise!  This weekend we've been visiting the in-laws for the amazing light festival - Lumiere.  I specifically decided not to worry about any food or outfit pictures this weekend and planned very boring, cosy layers so I wouldn't be tempted.  I sometimes end up feeling a bit stressed if I decide I want to get a good photo of an outfit trying to find the time, location and someone to take it when I'm away so I didn't want to be tempted to think about blogging.  I just wanted to concentrate on having a nice weekend away.  Of course I haven't been able to completely resist instagramming and have enjoyed taking phone snaps of what we've been up to and seen this weekend.  The only thing I took photos of other than my phone snaps was the festival itself which I took quite seriously taking along my tripod after hearing so much about it from the in-laws last year!

I will of course be blogging about Lumiere - it was pretty awesome - but here is a sneaky peek at what I've been up to if you don't follow me on instagram...

Putting on my cosy new Primark accessories (hat and gloves)

To go and collect pine cones with Nik and FIL in a nearby forest

For a project (or two considering the amount we ended up gathering) you'll be hearing about soon!
P.S. Sorry if you follow me on Pinterest, since I had my pine cone ideas, I've been getting very much in Christmas planning mode!

The Sun installation at Lumiere

An amazing Sunday feast of lasagne, salad and freshly made bread

This week on the blog I started off the Christmas chat with a John Lewis Christmas event I went to in October - they have some gorgeous gifts and decorations this year as you'd expect.

I also shared some recipes from Chobani, a greek style yoghurt company, including Guacamole and these lovely black cherry brownies I made for our Remembrance baking club meeting.  Not to mention the lovely meal made with Chobani yoghurt we were treated to at the stunning venue, The Corinthian.

I wrote my last Halloween post of the year with a few Pinterest inspired ideas I tried out and how I made my fab glitter skulls!

I was raving about Curry Dave's amazing Indian flatbread pizzas and highly recommend them if you like curry and you like cheese.  A brilliant combination of Indian and Pizza, two of my favourite foods.

It's time for another craft club, this time with a Christmas theme and I'm actually toying with the idea of having two as a lot of people can't seem to make that weekend and it might be nice to have smaller groups.  Please email me if you fancy being involved!

And finally, Roz told us all about her experience at new burger joint in town, Bread Meats Bread, it looks pretty yummy!

Don't forget you still have a few days to join in our Secret Santa this year too!

Next week I'm very excited to share some Christmassy finds!  A few themed (not just novelty) items of clothing and some great gift ideas too.  I also have some more foodie posts lined up to get you all drooling!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I'm nearly home now!  :)

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