Friday, 1 November 2013

#ODP2 - The Food

by Bex

It's no surprise that  a lot of the time my life revolves around food.  I love food and if I don't know when my next meal is coming I can get quite distressed and properly hangry when I have an empty tummy for too long!  Needless to say, the meals for The Olive Dragonfly Party (the 2nd) were a big factor to be considered.  It's a much larger affair this year which we are delighted about but it has made planning a little more complicated.  However we have some great eateries lined up for the weekend and since I've been focussing mainly on the Halloween party, I thought it was time to share the food plans in more detail to get your taste buds excited for the weekend!

Quite a few people are arriving on Friday and after some bubbles (and if I manage to get organised in time, some tasty welcome treats) at mine we're off to a local Tapas restaurant in the south side, Malaga Tapas.  They've given us a great deal so we shall be enjoying some meat, bread and olives to start followed by 3 tapas each with some jugs of sangria to share.  I can't wait!  It's a wee while since I was last there but their tapas is so delicious and authentic!  We took our parents before we got married and the sangria really cheered me up (along with a Tiffany box!) after a very tough day when we thought Nik's suit would never arrive (it did but was a TOTAL disaster!)

On Saturday morning I will be making a full on breakfast/brunch (depending when everyone gets up!) to keep us going through all the excitement as we'll be getting a grand tour of Roz's new house followed by the chocolate class at No1. Chocolate Factory and then of course, the Halloween party!!  That morning the menu will consist of:

Bagels with a choice of smoked salmon & cream cheese, BLTs, eggs or jam
Figs and pancakes
Plain old toast and jam/marmite/bovril
Cereal for anyone who's trying to be healthy
Tea/Coffee/Chai Latte

The menu for the Halloween "Banquet of the Dead" party on Saturday night includes:

Intoxicated Worms (vodka jelly)
Fresh Bloody Brain (blancmange with coulis)
Pumpkin Pies (not real pumpkin pies but mince pies which look like pumpkins because who doesn't love mince pies?!)
Witches' Eyeballs (cheese & olives)
Caramelised Rat Brains (salted caramel popcorn)
Cured Epidermis (baked prosciutto)
Jellied Zombie Brain (jelly laced with gin)
Various crisps, dips and sweets
Witch's brew with shrunken heads (hot spiced cider with apples)
Poison Punch (Bex's Halloween punch)
(Another drink which is top secret)
Vampire Blood Shots (shooters)
And possibly some other things if we have time!!

We're also very lucky to have been offered some of the awesome pizzas we got to try a couple of weeks ago from Curry Dave!  A brilliant cross between Indian and Pizza, we loved them so we're delighted they're giving us some more for you all to try as well!  There will most definitely be a full post on these, I love the combination (and I love the packaging too)!!

On Sunday we'll be having brunch at the Butchershop Bar & Grill which I for one can't wait to try!  I've heard a lot of good things about this place but have never been.  Their Sunday Lunch menu looks fab!

I'm pretty sure I know what I'm having!!

I hope that's got you all drooling ;)  It should be a good weekend methinks!


Fee said...

Looks amazing! So wish I could come. Have a fab time all x

Gemma C-S said...

Can't wait! x

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