Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Craft Club

by Bex

So, who's up for a Christmas craft club meeting??  I have lots of ideas on the #ODCC Pinterest board and it looks like we might be having an all day event this time so we can get lots done :)  I've chosen 2 potential dates so we can pick the one which suits the most people.  There are already people interested in coming all day but if you can only make it to the afternoon, that's fine!

If you're coming all day I can either provide lunch if everyone brings along a couple of pounds towards it or you can bring your own.  Let me know preferences via email or in the comments.

So what shall we do?  Initial ideas are gift tags and decorations, maybe some Christmas stamp carving?

Here are some ideas I've found on Pinterest:
But with Christmas designs obviously!  :)

If you have any other ideas, please let me know, we could maybe make some gifts too.  The doodle link is here to let me know when you'd rather have the meeting...


Vonnie said...

I could bring clay over but depending on when this happens, it possibly may not be ready in time for Christmas. It'll need about 10 days to be fired, glazed and fired again.

Lisa-Marie said...

I love those first decorations - so simple and pretty!

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