Thursday, 7 November 2013

Olive Dragonfly Secret Santa 2013

by Bex

It's a long time since I participated in a swap, I think the last one was the awesome AOW Bookswap!  The Secret Santa I set up last year was fantastic with 15 participants and some lovely gifts sent and received!  This year I have made it a little easier on myself with the form you see below which will fill in the spreadsheet for me rather than copying and pasting from emails!  Yipee!

All you need to do to take part is simply fill in the form below by the 21st November and you will be matched up with your Secret Santa!  Then you just have to make and/or buy your gift and send it before Christmas!  Please, please send in a photo and a few words to share on the blog when you receive your gift so your Santa can see your reaction and be sure that you received it.  There are no rules about giving away who you are to your recipient but if you want to stay secret, please let me know!  I have opened it up to be international this year but if you don't want to post abroad, please indicate this on the form.

Have fun!  :)

Please note, I am the only person who will have access to the data saved in Google Drive from these forms and only your Santa will receive your name and address.  

Gifts are chosen by the individuals concerned and I can take no responsibility if you are disappointed with what you receive, unfortunately this was the case for one person last year.  If you are worried that you may receive something you do not like, please do not enter.  I will send people's Twitter names so Santas can do some online 'stalking' to gain an idea of who they are buying for but beyond this I have no control.  It's all just supposed to be fun :)


Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...


Unknown said...

Can't wait xx

Unknown said...

Ps flexible on budget if it helps when pairing up x

Unknown said...

I'm in too, it's the first time I'm doing it so am very excited! Thanks for organising Bex :-)

M-J said...

I'm the same as Susan, never done a postal swap before so it's very exciting!

Vics said...

I'm in!! And thank you for opening it up to us international people this year too :)
Can't wait! x

Unknown said...

I wish I could join in with this but I have NO IDEA where I'll be living in December so not this year - maybe next year?!

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