Monday, 25 November 2013

Lumiere Festival of Lights - Durham

by Bex

We had a wonderful weekend in Durham recently.  We went down to visit my in-laws during the Lumiere festival of lights.  It was amazing and perfect for me to indulge in some non-blog related photography with gorgeous winter sunlight during the day and some fantastic installations at night.

One of my favourites was the telephone box filled with goldfish!  We only saw this during the day as there were too many people to get through in the evening.

Soon it was sunset and we headed were treated to some amazing displays of light and sound.

The first we went to see was the massive suspended sun by the university library, it glowed with swirling fireball effects projected onto the sphere.

We weren't as impressed with the next one, a projection of irises and retinas on a wall with a scanner which takes a photo of your eye and creates a barcode unique to you which it transformed into noise (I think).  A little bizarre and we weren't that entertained by this one.

The next one didn't really impress us either but it made for a pretty cool photo...

The main part of town, however, was a different story!  We were greeted crossing the bridge by this amazing 3D elephant projection above us...

And when we passed underneath we turned round to see it's rear!

The major attraction was definitely the cathedral.  We arrived to a beautifully lit up cathedral with booming music and as we watched, the lights changed to tell a story.

 It was spectacular!

We then joined the huge queue to see what was inside, I took advantage of being able to take photographs inside as it's not usually allowed.

The architecture is stunning!

Above the pews in the main area there were lights flitting about over our heads.

And outside in the cloisters were these spooky lit up dresses...

We then made our way back down into town and wandered around the area displayed with dozens of hanging lanterns made out of used shopping bags.

And discovered a huge Christmas tree made of them!

The last one we saw was the amazing Miners' hall, I love the music!...

On the way back we stopped off for a quick glass of champers to toast Nik and to warm up (cool off for me, my camera and tripod were ridiculously heavy when moving around so much and I was sweltering in all my layers!) before heading home for an amazing Indian feast made by MIL, yum!  :)


Unknown said...

It looks fantastic!

Amanda M said...

It looks amazing! I particularly like the goldfish too.

amy said...

The phone box and cathedral were our favourites too. We got stuck in the really long queue by the miners so saw that run a few times.
Still can't believe I missed you!

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