Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Summary & Weigh In

by Bex

Bit late with this today but I've been having a fantastic weekend!  I spent yesterday crafting some Christmas gift tags, Nik swapped the Halloween boxes for the Christmas ones in the attic (!!!) and I spent today at the Country Living Christmas Fayre (thanks to Sarah) with Roz and Lisa (which meant I could start wearing some of my Christmassy jewellery!).  We had an amazing time, a lovely lunch and bought a few gifts and some amazing chocolate!  I'll definitely be sharing more detail on all of these things when I have time as I also fell utterly in love with a piece of antique jewellery which is now my Christmas pressie from Nik!  :D

Wearing my Christmas bow ring and Snowflake earrings :)

I've also been busy framing some of the hand drawn cards we bought at the Masai market in Kenya on our honeymoon over 2 years ago!  They're finally up in the study and looking fab!  :)

So, this week has been a busy one for both Roz and I so you may have noticed fewer posts than usual.  We had a fantastic time at Brel on Wednesday sampling their new Christmas menu with hot mulled cider, crakers and some really delicious food which you'll hear more about soon!  I'm afraid on the blog it's all been about Christmas clothing (speaking of which, the awesome Christmas Pudding Hoodie was delivered yesterday and I didn't order it - unless I have actually started shopping in my sleep, OH DEAR!  I am baffled as no-one has mentioned ordering it for me and there was no note in the package from New Look!  So thank you whoever bought it for me, I LOVE IT!!!  Such a lovely surprise!), gifts (some gorgeous jewellery) and my bowels and being severely overweight!  Ha!  I've been doing OK on the exercise and healthy eating - especially compared to what I was eating/doing previously.  I should have written about it ages ago as you guys have all been fab again at encouraging me and making me want to keep at it in the first difficult few days!  Thank yooooou!  :)

Next week you can expect my pictures and experience of Lumiere in Durham, some foodie places we like and hopefully some of my crafty Christmas bits if I manage to sit down and write some more as well as my exercise ;)

The amazing light show at the Cathedral!

I started recording my diet below on Tuesday but have since switched to using the My Fitness Pal app (see more info below) so I stopped as you can see it all there if you're interested and recording it in two places is overkill and I quite frankly don't have the time for that!  Speaking of which as I've been out all day I must go and add today's food to the diary!

I'm afraid I can't update you on any weight changes as the battery on our scales had died and the replacement (it take a silly coin one!) hasn't arrived yet! 

Breakfast - veggie sausages x2, brown seeded roll, ketchup
Lunch - omelette with cheese, soda water
Snack - baked beans
Dinner - stir fry, skimmed milk
Exercise - swimming - 20 lengths in 25 mins.

Breakfast - stir fry leftovers
Lunch - leftover mash
Dinner (event) - tasters of cured salmon with soda bread and mushroom tart, slow cooked beef with truffle mash & parsnip crisps, 1 roast potato, sprouts, 1 glass hot mulled cider, soda & lime, soda water, pavlova.
Snacks - tin of mackerel in olive oil, grape & mango smoothie with kale, skimmed milk, twiglets

You can keep up with my diet in much more detail on My Fitness Pal which records the calories and all other nutritional information about everything I log.  It also has a handy barcode scanner and search feature so I don't have to do any calculations!  :)

It definitely makes it easier to stick to targets as it can be surprising just how many calories, carbs, fat, etc are in certain things which you think are (and may still actually be) healthy.  Obviously it's a case of balancing out these things and keeping an eye on the calorie count certainly makes that easier!  It sets a target according to your own choice of how much you want to lose and if you exercise, it adds those calories to your daily allowance.  For me to lose 2lbs a week it has set my target as 1200 net calories a day so if I really want something that's going to put me over, then I can do more exercise to stay under target :)

I've actually been surprised at how little iron and other nutrients I'm getting from what I consider a healthy diet, although I've only been using it for 2 days (as I write this)!


Bex said...

It was Mum, she just emailed me! :)

AnneeApple said...

I was at the Christmas Fare today too! It was fab! We done the festive ribbons workshop!

Glad you got your pudding hoodie, lovely surprise x

Amanda M said...

We need to see a picture of you in that hoodie!

Looking forward to hearing about the Christmas present - I absolutely love antique jewellery. My engagement ring is 1920s in fact!

Fingers crossed that when the scales are juiced up, they are kind to you.

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