Friday, 15 November 2013

Bread Meats Bread

by Roz

The other week I went along to the launch party for Bread Meats Bread on St Vincent Street, Glasgow's newest burger joint.  Bex was invited too but she works late every Tuesday so couldn't make it along, B was quite happy to come with me and sample the burgers and beer!

I think the location of the restaurant is fab, it's right on the corner with floor to ceiling glass windows and with the booth style tables it's perfect to watch the world go by.  

I liked the decor and the giant cow on the wall and then I saw the farmyard scenes contained in the ends of the booths, aren't they cute?

We managed to grab one of the last booths and it wasn't long until our tummies started to rumble.  Whilst we were reading through the menu, the restaurant was full of the most delicious smells!  From hot dogs, to burgers and caramelised onions....mmmmm I'm getting hungry just writing this.  And I have to walk past Bread Meats Bread every night on the way home from work and the wonderful smells even make it outside.

Thankfully it wasn't long until we were brought some food.  We were treated to a number of different items from the menu.  The burgers were served in slider sizes and we started with a classic burger with cheese in brioche bun (on the left in the pic below).  Melt in the mouth delicious!

We then moved on to a Black label burger - meat that is aged for 28 days - and had a Black & Blue - beef in a pretzel bun with blue cheese and super crispy bacon. Very good! The caramelised onions are full of flavour yet somehow still have a pleasant crunch :)

Sweet potato fries with spicy dip, mmmmm!
 B liked them too :)

The next food we got to try was the classic burger versus the black label classic burger.  It was really good to be able to try them together and actually taste the difference in the meat.  When I tasted the classic burger I loved it and wondered if the black label would really be worth the extra money, oh wow was it!  It was richer, more developed taste and it was nice to be able to try it without cheese or any other burger toppings to really let the meat shine.

I went in to work the next day and told all the guys I worked with how fab the burgers were...pretty soon they were reading the menus I took in to the office and writing down a lunch order!  It's fair to say that ordering 11 takeaway burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches on the actual opening day of Bread Meats Bread didn't go that smoothly, I specifically ordered a burger that came on a pretzel bun, as I thought the pretzel buns were so good the night before, but sadly my burger came on a brioche bun.  The tastiness of my Scotalian burger made up for it though!  One colleague wasn't so lucky and his order was missed completely despite being paid for.

The restaurant have now amended their lunch time takeaway menu, only offering a select number of items to take away to keep things more manageable.  My colleagues have been back already to order more, I think that shows you how fab the food is!

Roz xx


Unknown said...

Looks great fun, I'm coming next time!

Lisa-Marie said...

Those burgers look so good! I'll definitely have to pop in one night!

kpsays said...

Clever name for a burger place! I love reading posts on dining out in other countries!

Unknown said...

That looks right up M's street. We'll have to visit if we're through in Glasgow.

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