Monday, 4 November 2013

ODP2 - The Best Bits!

by Bex

After a very quick run through of the weekend's photos, here are a few of my favourite moments, decorations and expressions (most of which seemed to come from the gorgeous Bella!)  All will be revealed in more detail and with explanations, where required, in due course ;)

With any luck I'll have time this week to go through them all properly and this will be ODP2 week on the blog!  It was a fan-bloody-tastic weekend and I'd like to thank everyone SO much for coming and making it super awesome!!!


Amanda M said...

I hereby name you Queen of Parties!

Seriously, it looks amazing and I hope you're very proud of what you achieved.

rebecca@FlorenceFinds said...

LOVE IT BEX, ALL YOUR HARD WORK REALLY PAID OFF AND LOOKED AMAZING. Thanks so much for having me (and Roz!) Can't wait for the next meet up xxx


Unknown said...

Photos are great, and the food, costumes, decorations look amazing! Can't wait for the rest of the write up so I can live vicariously through your fun :-)

Unknown said...

It looks like it was all so much fun!

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