Monday, 8 April 2013

A wedding refresh! (New pictures!)

I was going to post this yesterday but then THIS happened so I saved this for today.

I've spent the last few days (and many many hours) refreshing the page about my wedding.  It was previously very dull and just had a link to all the posts with the wedding tag and a link to my original post about our engagement that started the blog.  It now has a lovely new A-Z of all my wedding planning and details with a few of my favourite pictures displayed on the page.  If you're here to get some ideas or just like noseying at people's weddings, you should now find it easier to find everything wedding related indexed here.  I went back through all (109) of my old wedding posts and, where relevant, I added a post-wedding update with pictures from our big day.  Although VERY time consuming, it's actually been lovely to look back on everything I wrote back then and to go through our pictures again!

I also spent a few hours pausing and screen grabbing (PrtSc Key) our wonderful wedding teaser film and highlights film as there were certain details we didn't have photos of but were captured on our film which I wanted to share here (and it's been okayed by our lovely videographer too).

(All the photos below are screen grabs from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films.)

Once I started it was hard to stop and I managed to get quite a few new low res pictures to share here from the films - some of them are even better than our photos!  I love the ones of us walking through the trees, filmed just after our wedding guests started arriving and our photographer was catching up with other old photography friends.

And there were some different angles of certain photos too...

Love Nik's expression when I walked in!

And some that were just lovely moments they managed to catch that we didn't have on camera either.  Definitely one of the biggest arguments for having a videographer if you ask me!!




amy said...

Oh I love this extra sneaky peek in to your day! What a fab idea to screen shot x

AnneeApple said...

Aw lovely post and I loved the highlights video.. what a beautiful day x

Amanda said...

I am kind of a new reader, so I had not seen these (except for your recent post at AOW). You looked so beautiful, the forest, all the dragonflies... all that green! Beautiful!

Bex said...

Thanks everyone, I really love our wedding film so much so it's great to be able to share it in this format too! :)

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