Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cup for Cocktails & Desserts Review

Last Thursday evening, Bex and I went to meet Diana and Linsey for food and cocktails in Cup Tea Lounge in Glasgow city centre.

Located in a beautiful old building complete with stunning wall and ceiling tiles, Cup is a lovely chilled out oasis to relax from the hustle and bustle of a shopping trip or, like us, provides somewhere to unwind after a busy day at work.

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Once again we had a voucher to use (I think we are a bit spoiled as all the best deals seem to be in Glasgow city centre, the west end or southside so between us we always seem to have a voucher or two on the go!) this time from 5pm.  It included one savoury sharing platter between two, one dessert each and either one cocktail or one glass of prosecco, all for £9 per person!  Great value when the cocktails are between £5 - £7.50 each on the menu.

As there were four of us, we decided to order one meat platter and one cheese platter to share between us.  We were even brought some extra bread for the platters by the chef, before we even had to ask, given there was four of us and lots of yummy cheese, meat, olives and relish to go round.  The platters were delicious but definitely more of a light bite, especially when sharing between two.  This was perfect though as we had to leave room for dessert!

After much deliberation we finally chose the desserts we wanted, from a list of seven or eight which included sticky toffee pudding, creme brulee, apple pie, cheesecakes etc. but all served with some kind of unique twist or ingredient provided by the Cup chefs.  The desserts arrived and we were in heaven.  I had opted for the sticky toffee pudding and wasn't sure if I would regret playing it a bit safe when the other more exotic options the girls had picked arrived, but it was fabulous.  The pudding itself was served in a bowl with lots of hot toffee sauce and on the side, served in a miniature tea pot was lots and LOTS of extra hot toffee sauce, caramel ice cream and caramel foam (really light, whipped cream type fluff that tasted amazing!).  It was easily one of the best desserts I've ever had.

Bex here, I chose the pear and ginger cheesecake with basil ice cream and thyme infused pineapple.  I wasn't sure about having so many herbs involved in a dessert but was intrigued enough to try it and I'm glad I did!  The basil ice cream was lovely!

The treats are also available to take away, just look at those amazing cupcakes! My favourite, the one I'm pointing to(!), had a bounty bar on top!! :)

All of the staff members in Cup were lovely and we had a great night, I would recommend heading along to Cup to sample some of their delicious desserts and cocktails and keep your eye out for any future vouchers on itison or livingsocial.

Roz xx

Ps the cocktails were pretty amazing too! Between us we had some Pear, raspberry and ginger ale mules (mmmmm!), Cherry & Almond fizz (which tasted exactly like a bakewell tart!), an Apple & ginger mojito, some kind of tea infused martini and a lovely glass of bubbles!

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Linsey said...

Mmmm Cup! It was so good and so much prettier/spacious than their Byres Road branch.

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