Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Seoul, South Korea - Outfit Post - Coral Maxi

I'm starting off my Korean posts with my favourite outfit from the trip, I loved it so much I wrote this one while still over there.  You know I am utterly in love with my new 50mm lens and these are the first outfit photos taken with it.  I think they're great and am really pleased that hubby is also more enthusiastic when taking them for me now too as I get even more to share!  This post gives you teenie glimpse into Seoul too but there will be plenty more!!...

As you know, I LOVE my coral maxi skirt I bought last summer from Mango.  Since wearing it in Italy, it has remained in the bottom of the wash basket as it has to be washed at 30 and our machine only goes down to 40 degrees, I planned to hand wash it, hence its long months languishing!  It wasn't really a winter skirt anyway.  However, since winter is apparently lasting forever, I decided I should liberate it from the dirty washing and actually wash it!  Which I did.  Then I decided it deserved to be worn MUCH more often.  It had previously been worn only when I wouldn't have to walk far as it was so long I could only wear it with my platform wedges.

Despite my fear of ruining my favourite, floaty maxi, I thought it would be worth it to be able to wear it much more often as I could combine it with comfier, flatter shoes.  So I chopped off about an inch. (It's sitting higher on my waist now anyway due to my lack of regular exercise since returning from Italy also!)  I re-stitched the bottom edge and the skirt was good to go for Korea!  I had already envisioned it with my new Geek T-shirt and spotted the perfect infinity scarf in Primark for just £4 to go with the ensemble.  Here's the resulting outfit which I wore around Seoul on Day 2 of our trip to South Korea (all photos taken with the new 50mm lens which I'm still loving, this is the first time we've used it for portraits and even hubby is finding it more enjoyable taking the outfit photos for me - he was getting all excited too as they were turning out so well so no apologies for the abundance of pics below!  Thanks Nik! xx)...

These ankle boots were barely off my feet while exploring Seoul - they are SO comfortable and went with just about everything!  Definitely a brilliant purchase and only £25 from New Look!  (I hate it when I find boots or shoes which seem super comfy only to wear them for a day of walking round London or Glasgow to find they actually do squeeze or rub somewhere and I can't wait to take them off again!)

As it was pretty nippy outside but I didn't want to cart a coat about in the market we planned to visit, I added a long sleeved black cardi and layered it with a stripy jumper cinched in with a skinny belt, to avoid looking too bulky, and my fabulous sparkly fingerless cashmere gloves.  I also found just enough time to paint my nails before we left the hotel!

In case you're wondering why I'm holding my fingers strangely - my nails were still wet as I just had time to do them quickly before we left the hotel!

Skirt - Mango
T-Shirt - Internacionale
Boots - New Look
Bag - M&S
Stripey jumper - H&M
Skinny belt - Dorothy Perkins
Wide belt - H&M
Gloves - M&S
Scarf - Primark
Bow ring - Forever 21
Bracelets - Coast, Oasis, Market stall, Dorothy Perkins
Earrings - Monica Vinader, Rox
Watch - Debenhams


Theresa said...

This makes me want to buy a maxi-skirt now! Great pics!

I've shied away from maxi-skirts because of being 5ft-nothing but a little DIY and having it sit higher on my waist may do the trick!

Anna K said...

You look bloody AMAZING. you honestly do! I adore that skirt. Might have to sniff out something similar this year! X

Bex said...

Love that this has inspired you both (and others on twitter) to try maxi skirts :) I obviously love them and often wear them!

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