Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pin It Do It Challenge - Baby Mobile

This is a great craft #PinItDoIt that was sent in by M-J.  She made it for her friend's baby and you can read all about it and how she made it here.  Her inspirations and final result are shown below...

Source: via Mary-Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Mary-Jane on Pinterest

And here is M-J's amazing mobile, I can see why she had trouble giving it away, it's so cute!


M-J said...

Thanks for posting this Bex. Your pin it do it challenge it great, such a good idea. I've started pinning a whole lot more because of it, just not got enough time to do all the projects! x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Well done you.
Im staying away from pintrest i'm all good intentions but pretty un-artistic in the longrun I'd just get disappointed!!

Unknown said...

So pretty!

M-J said...

Thanks ladies!

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