Friday, 26 April 2013

Splurge v Save - the maxi cut!

Given all the covet worthy maxi skirts on the market and how much Bex loves them, I thought I would use as maxi as the key piece for a Splurge v Save.

I've pulled together two similar, but different looks below, have a guess whether you think Option A or Option B is the Splurge but let us know which pieces you like best and why.

Come back at 1pm for the answer :)

Roz xx
Option A...

Option B


Amanda said...

Option A is my favorite for sure, but it's a no brainer. I am a sucker for pattern and bright colors! I hope it is the Save!

Ashleigh said...

I love that first skirt, reckon it is the most expensive but please say its the save!! xox

Amanda M said...

I reckon number 1 is the Splurge. I like the sandals on number 2 so will watch with interest.

laurenmaria said...

I think A is the expensive one

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