Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sloans Mac n Cheese Review

I met Bex for a catch up last week, we met in my lunch hour from work for a girly catch up over what many consider to be one of the ultimate comfort foods - macaroni cheese!

I'd never been to Sloans before but had heard really good things about it from friends. A quick look on their website and it's hard not to find something you like; they have a grand ballroom for weddings and other events, they run Eatfilm nights where classical movies are shown on a big screen whilst you have your meal and drinks and they even run a Mac n cheese appreciation society.

It's fair to say I was really looking forward to going when Bex asked if I wanted to meet her there for lunch as she had an itison voucher for a gourmet mac n cheese lunch. Unfortunately first impressions were disappointing, as we walked in the entrance from Argyle Arcade the smell of bleach hit us, whilst it's nice to know they clean the bar(!), it was strong enough to taste the bleach if that makes sense?  Despite the over-powering smell, the bar / restaurant area was very busy and I was hoping this was a sign of how good the food was.

With our itison voucher we could choose from one of their gourmet mac n cheese options, served with fries and a soft drink. The waitress came over and took our order promptly and despite being busy, our food arrived in under 10 mins.  Great when you are on your lunch break from work.  I found the tables in the eating section of the bar to be quite small, Bex and I were given a table in the corner where we were both sitting on bench seating against the wall, with our long legs it was actually quite awkward to sit at the table and not very comfortable!

We could choose between sun blush tomato and parmesan mac n cheese or bacon and gruyere.  Bex picked the sun dried tomato option and I went with the bacon.  When our food arrived, mine smelled great and tasted fab but due to the generous amount of bacon that was in my macaroni I found the overall taste very salty.  I still managed to eat the lot though!  Bex kindly let me munch on some of her macaroni and we agreed that the sun dried tomato and parmesan was the tastiest dish.  The cheese sauce on both dishes had that lovely thick, oozing texture, perfect for dipping your chips in.  (Bex: The chips were yummy too!  I would have preferred my sun dried tomato mac n cheese if the tomatoes had been cut smaller and mixed into the sauce rather than just five big chunks on top.)

Overall, despite the yummy food, I was a little disappointed with our visit to Sloans, with so many excellent dining options in the city centre and throughout Glasgow, I'm not sure I will be rushing back.

Roz xx

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