Thursday, 18 April 2013

Home Love at Fashion for Home

I learned about a fab contest at Fashion For Home via the lovely Kimberly at Swoon Worthy so this is my entry.  The idea is to submit a picture of your favourite spot in your home and you could win £500 to spend on your home and it's open to all UK bloggers!  Easy I thought, but then I couldn't actually choose.  I love my home so much!  It was down to the kitchen where we probably spend most of our time as it's lovely and spacious (and you all know I love food) or the study. 

The study won.  It's the one room we designed and executed entirely ourselves.  The kitchen was decorated by Sarah when she lived here and although we've made changes, it wasn't decorated from scratch like the study which went from a horrendously messy magnolia junk room with piles of wedding stuff to the most simple, fresh space we both love to hang out in.

The brief says your spot can be a vignette, a corner or a whole room and to be honest, this fits with all of that.  My favourite corner in the house is definitely the one above!  I LOVE our Hemnes day bed, it's so comfortable, either as a snug corner for me to snuggle up and read on or as a double bed for guests.  It also has GREAT storage in the huge drawers - all of my sewing stuff is in the far end, the middle has beach towels, my tripod and waders and this end contains all of Nik's shoes!  But the thing I love most about this corner and the whole room is the gallery wall of my safari pictures taken on honeymoon.  I love how some of them turned out in black & white but had to include some colour so mixed them up a bit.

I love being able to put my own art on the wall and hubby did a great job of getting them all straight since the hooks on each frame were in different places!  Lots of measuring and maths was required!

I call it the Africa room as we have all our African honeymoon souvenirs in there - the Masai beaded necklace, the malachite elephant and our little African men among other things.

It's really the travel room now as we're still adding to it and we love adding our white dots to our travel map every time we visit somewhere new.

It's the room which also represents us best, Nik loves the minimal, clean lines, grey and white and I love the splashes of colour and little trinkets reminding us of our travels.  It's the perfect compromise and we both love the result.

I was only supposed to choose one picture so I'll send in the 2nd one as it's my favourite, showing my beloved daybed and photographs.

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Unknown said...

I do love your study!

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