Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Travel Map

Just a little Sunday afternoon post for you :)  I've finally sorted through some old photos and will be sharing LOADS of them on the blog tomorrow from our trip to Glencoe last Autumn!

I'm still working on my Korea pictures and will have a few posts ready soon!  I haven't forgotten, I'm just enjoying looking through the pictures and trying to narrow them down to share here!  I know Amy's dying to see me cringing while doing what she requested - Gangnam Style in Gangnam (photo NOT video)!!  In the meantime, here is a bit of a travel wish list/where I've been map!

You may have noticed down the right hand side that I recently added my Tripadvisor Travel Map.  I've pinned everywhere I've been in the world (yellow) along with places I want to visit (green).  I've also tagged a few as favourite places I've been (stars/hearts).

You can see my travel map in more detail at Tripadvisor and I will be adding reviews on there as well but don't worry, I'll be posting reviews on the blog as well but with more pictures!  ;)

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