Monday, 1 April 2013

And we're back!

South Korea was amazing!  Seriously, go while you still can, before North Korea does something utterly stupid!  We had a fantastic time and wish we could have stayed a little longer.  A week was a good length of time for a city break and we managed to pack loads in (although we could have happily seen and done more in Seoul with a little more time) but it would have been nice to be able to see a bit more of the country as well.  We'd both love to go back if World War 3 doesn't start!!

Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen our trip home was horrendous.  Going somewhere so far for just a week is a bit crazy but we have to take what opportunities we can to get away with Nik's holidays from work.  It was made all the better for using up our air miles to travel in Club World and having a comfortable journey for the 11-12 hours flights.  Sadly on the way home we were met with delays and cancellations and as we were travelling over the day (and back in time!) we found it difficult to sleep on the long flight which meant we were awake for 26 hours by the time we made it home to bed!  Sorry for my moaning tweets - I really don't cope well with lack of sleep!!

Happy to have finally landed in Glasgow
but extremely tired waiting for taxi!

Luckily our trip was worth the lengthy travelling and revolved mainly around food!  We loved trying the street food and found there were MANY different Korean foods to try and we still didn't manage them all!  It also got us thinking what British foods there are that you would recommend to a visitor over here.  We could only come up with fish & chips and roast dinners.

So over the next couple of weeks I will be bombarding you with lots of mini (and some longer) posts about all the different things we tried/did/saw in South Korea.  Including a few outfit posts, my first outfit pictures with the nifty fifty came out so well, I'm even more in love with it!  It has even made Nik excited about taking the outfit pictures for me, he was much more enthusiastic about it when he saw how great they were.

I'm tempted to start raving about it all here but I need to finish the Rafflecopter set up for tomorrow's exciting give-away post!  This is the 499th post on The Olive Dragonfly Blog and to celebrate and help spread the word of our little corner of Blogland, we're running a giveaway on our 500th post tomorrow!  It's been just over 2 years since I started this wee blog to document my wedding ideas and planning to my lovely readers - (Mum and bridesmaids!) and since then have been writing about all kinds of things that interest me.  Luckily it seems they interest you as well since over the last year more of you seem to be reading and since getting all excited over 10,00 views in a year we've now reached over 17,000 in March alone!  Since the start of the year, we've had 3761 unique visitors so I know it's not just Mum coming back time and again!  ;)

Since Roz joined in January, I've been even more excited about the blog and since coming up with some great ideas such as Pin It Do It and Craft Club, it's been even more fun having more interaction with people sending in submissions and craft ideas.

We hope you'll like the prize up for grabs and help us spread the word even further about what we get up to over here.  Although we love blogging, it makes it all the more exciting writing posts knowing so many people are reading them!!  Come back tomorrow, bright and early at 6.30am for the details on the prize and how to enter!  :)


M-J said...

Glad you had a fabulous time, I'm looking forward to being bombarded by the holiday posts ;-)

Amanda M said...

No, I'm hopeless on no sleep and I thought you were actually pretty measured considering! Hope you had a lovely night's sleep in your own bed.

Bex said...

Thanks MJ and Amanda, being back in our own bed was great after all that!

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