Thursday, 4 April 2013

H&M Conscious Collection - Men's Blazer

H&M has a new Conscious Collection out which is "a part of H&M’s work towards a sustainable future in fashion".

The Conscious Exclusive Collection is out today and I love a few of the dresses including this tulle dress, £149.99...

Tulle dress - from H&M
CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Long dress in a bustier style with a figure-fit bodice and wide tulle skirt in several layers edged with gold thread. Support panels and a concealed zip at the side. Lined.

This nude embellished dress, £69.99 ..

Dress with beaded embroidery

Dress with beaded embroidery - from H&M
CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Sleeveless dress in a sturdy silk blend with beaded and sparkly gem embroidery at the front and on the back of the skirt section. Seam at the waist, concealed zip at the back, and a tulip-shaped skirt which is wide at the hips with side pockets. Lined.

I LOVE this fringed dress, £79.99 especially love the length...

Fringed dress

Fringed dress - from H&M
CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Sleeveless knee-length dress in satin with a seam at the waist, a concealed zip at the back and fringes of different lengths. The fringes are in shorter layers at the front and straight cut to ankle length at the back. Lined.

And how gorgeous would this be for a gorgeous vintage style wedding? £199.99...

Embroidered dress

Embroidered dress - from H&M
CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Mesh dress with an embroidered pattern and lace appliqués, long puff sleeves with fabric-covered buttons at the shoulders and cuffs, a seam at the waist and a concealed zip at the side. Long back section with a train. Lined.

I also particularly like this origami style folded peplum top, £39.99...

Top with a flared hem - from H&M
CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Bustier top in woven fabric with a seam at the waist and flared wraparound lower section. Pleated details at the top and waist, and a longer back section. Support panels and a concealed zip in the side. Lined.

I recently bought a linen blazer, £34.99, from the Conscious Collection in the Menswear department.  I saw it en route to the fitting room and instantly fell in love, I'm sure you can guess why!  I decided to try it on despite it being menswear and I'm so glad I did, I love it and it actually fits quite well and looks great with a few items from my wardrobe.  I wore it to travel to South Korea and it added a smart but comfortable aspect to my travel outfit.  (I don't look my best as I'm wearing no make-up in these pictures and most were taken after our first flight!)

Blazer - H&M
Peacock top - Dorothy Perkins
Scarf - Forever 21
Bracelets - Dorothy Perkins & New Look
Ring - eBay
Jeans - Gap
Boots - New Look
Bag - M&S
Necklace & earrings - Accessorize

Travel Outfit

H M h m jacket
£26 -

Studded boots


Accessorize pendant jewelry
£7.59 -

Accessorize heart drop earrings
£3.96 -

Stretch bracelet

Forever 21
£5.80 -


amy said...

Oh my god I love all of those dresses!!! The first and fourth I would SO wear as a wedding dress if I didn't already have two!

Amanda said...

Oh I am in love with the COnscious collection. The tulle one, the nude one and more importantly the lace one (maybe for a wedding anniversary, too much??).
The other day I actually splurged on this blouse (15 EUR) and this dress (20 EUR), as you are also a lover of green (and I think of prints) I think you might like these too.

Bex said...

Thanks Amanda, I saw that dress as well but it's too short for me, the blouse is lovely though!

Amanda said...

Yeah, it is quite short, I might have to use tights / or skinnies under it. It is also kind of transparent in the back, so it needs... what's the name? A sort of camisole you wear under it. For the moment I have worn it as a blouse, with jeans and a blazer. I really like it!

Amanda M said...

I like the aqua one, the wedding-y one and the origami one. Are they expensive?

Bex said...

If the quality's as good as it looks (and I think it will be) then they're very reasonable. I'll add the prices in!

Wish I still had my staff discount though!!

Amanda - you mean a slip?

Bex said...

Just looked through the collection again to check prices and a lot of them are sold out already since this morning!! Including the gorgeous blue satin one (I can't wear satin anyway) which was only £34.99!

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