Friday, 19 April 2013

Distinction Health & Beauty Spa - Review

I received a voucher for this spa for my birthday in December but only just booked it recently.  It was a much needed respite during a stressful week and really made a difference!

My lovely massage therapist, Anne-Marie is highly recommended at the Distinction Spa in Clarkston.  When I told her I was particularly stressed this week, she asked me if I wanted her to work out the tension in my neck and back (which have been uncomfortable) or if I wanted it to just feel relaxing.  I don't usually enjoy massages when they try to work on knots - it's really painful and not in the least bit relaxing but since I was so tense, I said I would prefer it to be relaxing but thought I needed it to be more useful so she said she'd try to do a bit of both for me.

It was, hands down, the best massage I've ever had!  She used a lot of pressure, while always (but not too often) checking with me that it wasn't too much.  It wasn't painful but I could feel it was working, it was more of a good soreness if you know what I mean.  It enabled me to concentrate on what she was doing and not let my mind drift to everything I don't want to think about at the moment.  I felt the difference straight away and was able to fully relax and enjoy the facial portion.  Although it was supposed to be the express facial, she spent a bit more time doing a bit of facial massage too as she could feel how stressed I was and I am ever so grateful.

The facial was blissful and I could have almost cried as I truly felt relaxed for the first time in days.  After cleansing and massaging my face, she placed a cool thick cream over it - I think this was a mask of some kind as she then left it on with a dry towel wrapped round my face while she proceeded to massage my arms and hands.  Utter bliss.  The mask was then removed by wrapping a hot damp towel over my face which was a lovely, cosy sensation for a minute before wiping it off.  I honestly felt like a different person when I left, my muscles were looser, my face was softer and I felt a lot more positive.

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Unknown said...

That sounds amazing. So glad it helped you to relax too!

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