Friday, 26 April 2013

Splurge v Save - the comparison

The answer is Option A is the Splurge...

Splurge Vs Save - Option A

Alice Olivia pleated maxi skirt


Marc by marc jacobs tote bag
£545 -

Collar necklace
£135 -

Click through on the images to go to Polyvore and see the individual item prices, but the Splurge comes in at an eye watering £1,300!  The price tag doesn't stop me from being in love with that skirt though and I would really love to add that bag to my collection!  Do you guys like it?

Option B is the Save...

Option B is much friendlier on the wallet coming in at £140.  I really love the skirt, almost as much as the one above, it's definitely a good price for a maxi (£32).  And if you used a pair of flip flops / sandals / wedges you already owned, rather than the £65 wedges pictured, the total cost of this outfit would be brilliant.

Splurge Vs Save - Option B

White waistcoat

Long skirt

Zip bag
£28 -

Ax paris



Claire said...

I'm a bit late to the party but did go with option A as the spurge, love the maxi and the bag!

Really quite like the maxi in option B though think I may look for that for summer :)

Unknown said...

I also thought A was the splurge, based on the shoes and necklace (both of which I love). Really like the bag from B though. Might see if I can get that!

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