Sunday, 21 April 2013

An Anna K teaser!

So on Friday we received the following very exciting email from the gorgeously pouty Anna K from the fabulous Any Other Woman...

Hello ladies!

I have written some drivel about makeup (attached).  I thought you might like to post it on your blog.  I won't be offended at all if you don't want to use it!  I just thought, i never get a chance to write about makeup and thought it might be nice to do so.

I've also attached some pictures of the products inside my makeup bag!

Honestly don't worry if you don't want to post it, it was fun writing
it anyway :)

Anna x

And our excitable replies...

Roz - Thanks lipstick hussy!!!

I'm sure I'm not putting words in Bex's mouth here but OF COURSE WE'LL BLOODY POST IT!!!!

Thanks for your lovely words about the blog too, wish you lived closer so we could meet up for cake.

Have a fab weekend Anna

Bex - Hells yeh!! I haven't read it yet as I'm emergency baking but I love your drivel!!! Thank you for thinking of us! Xxx

Needless to say, we were obviously thrilled she thought of us and both squealed upon receiving said email, even more so after reading her post!  We should probably be playing this all cool but, well, we're not cool.  We are massive fangirls of the whole AOW team in all honesty and are proud to be able to share some of their writing here.  :)

We're posting it on Thursday but couldn't wait to share our excitement!  Who doesn't love a wee teaser??  ;)

Seriously, what a pout!

By the way, my emergency baking was for the Glasgow Baking Club 1st anniversary meeting on Friday which I was woefully unprepared for as I forgot to bake in advance!  Luckily I chose something easy to bake which didn't take long to make after work.  You can read all about the other amazing bakes we enjoyed on my guest post on the Glasgow Baking Club blog.  I'm sharing the recipe for my savoury muffins tomorrow!

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